About EnerEx

EnerEx (Energy Excellence) Consulting is based in Gauteng, South Africa and is focused on providing a range of green products and services that reduce the carbon footprint through energy and water efficiency.     

The EnerEx Philosophy

Our business is to provide green solutions utilizing methodologies and technologies for a range of applications as directed by our clients.   As a member of The Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency we are committed to increasing energy efficiency, utilizing innovative energy service options, enhancing environmental management programs, upgrading facilities and improving equipment performance - while at the same time bolstering the bottom lines of our stakeholders.

The EnerEx Approach

At EnerEx we believe in managing energy and water efficiency by addressing the following four dimensions:

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"The judicious and effective use of energy to maximise profits (that is, minimize costs) and enhance competitive positions.'

Capehart, Turner and Kennedy. Guide to Energy Management